How long will it take for my order to get started?
Orders are typically started within 24-72 hours of it being placed depending on our current client demand. If for any reason you are not receiving your order or have any issues at all with the service, please let us know by sending us a message at “Contact Us” .


How does your service help me?
All of our services are specifically designed to get you more exposure online. They enhance your social proof and build trust with the visitors you get to your social media profiles and website.


To how many pictures can I divided the likes I buy?
Only 1. every likes order is for one picture only. If you dont submit a picture URL when ordering likes, the likes will be given for your last uploaded picture.


Do I need to do anything after I place my order?
Nope. We handle everything for you.


What kind of followers do I get with my order?
The followers we send to your account are all inactive. This allows us to give you the followers you want without requiring your password.


Is Your Service Safe?
100%. We don’t use fake rubbish for our Facebook Services. We use real methods to gain likes too your page.


What’s Your Refund Policy?
We will give a full refund if we didnt deliver. Once an order has started it cannot be cancelled.


Is the payment recurring?
Nope! We ask for a one-time payment only. After one easy payment the service is all yours. It doesn’t get easier than that.


 Is it safe?
Absolutely. We’d never compromise your account, we make security and privacy a top priority.


Do you deliver the exact number of  what I have purchased?
We always over deliver whatever you have purchased.